We engage both in consulting as well as trial advocacy, specializing in commercial and financial law. We strive to be effective and efficient in our work. Standing with integrity before our client, we offer full legal protection and aid against any issue that may concern them:

In particular we specialize in the following sectors:

Company Law

Incorporation of companies, mergers and acquisitions, wind-up and liquidation, bankruptcies, joint ventures, drafting of trade agreements, provision of consulting services for personal and capital companies, commercial contracts, competition, patents, trademarks, collaboration and equity contracts.


Civil Law

Property Law, Law of Obligations, Inheritance Law.


Family Law

Divorce, Alimony, Contact/Custody of Children and more.


Banking & Financial Services Law

Provision of legal advice in issues relating to banking and financial law, banking contracts – leasing, factoring, loans, credit cards, confidentiality of bank deposits, full management of cases regarding over-indebted natural persons pursuant to Law 3869/2010 (out-of-court settlement, compilation and filing of draft plan for the settlement of debts, procedure before courts).


Intellectual Property Law

Provision of integrated services regarding the protection and registration of IP rights (patents, trademarks, copyrights and designs).


Public Contracts & Works Law

Considerable experience in public calls for tenders acting as the representatives of construction companies and ensuring the rights which stem from such public contracts.


Tax Law

We survey the proper legal handling of tax issues, arising from the activities of our clients, assisted in this by a team of highly specialized tax consultants, if required by the case at hand. We also handle tax difference cases independently, before the Administrative Courts.


Administrative Law

Our firm is very experienced in handling cases before Administrative Courts of all levels. We handle many administrative disputes and appeals, such as, indicatively, tax disputes, disputes with Social Insurance Organizations, disputes regarding the service status of public servants, etc.


Criminal Law

The contribution of our firm in criminal law cases includes, amongst others, the legal aid and support of our principals at all stages of the criminal procedure, the compilation of complaints – reports, memos, detailed preparation of the folders and representation in criminal courts for any kind of criminal offence.


Traffic Accidents

Road crimes (deaths, disabilities, bodily harm – material damages). Responsible and integrated out-of-court and judicial management of cases for the proper and decent compensation of the victims.


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